An Abundant Life

“Beyond the ancestral clay and within the interstellar spaces, the heavens, the earth, the sky and waters are all playing.   Spiral Nebulas and quarks play.  God plays.   We have been in the midst of it all along. 

-Fred O Donaldson, "Playing by Heart:  The Vision and Practice of Belonging"

An Abundant-Full Life

Abundance begins in the Heart!


An Abundant life is centered first in a knowing and exploring the gifts and divine Creation that we are, inside, unfolding and directing at the same time.  Experiencing, Expressing and Exploring.     All creativity is Play and all Play is creation in the moment of letting go.    


To Play is to tap into the wonder….     To tap into possibility….   ….imagination       no boundaries…   no lines to stay in….


But it is also to experience …  in the moment…  the letting go…    no expectations….     Unfolding ,    The wonder that is the creation You … and the wonder of the Creation that is your play-mate, even if that is Universe   …    in-relation

To play is to dance past the thoughts into the soul…   and feeling the tickle of the heart….     And explode back out with wonder and awe…     Play sees no differences...      it is one of the purest forms of sharing


And to Play is to Explore…   collaborators and partners in the unfolding and emerging journey…… Going places you would have never dreamed …Magical forests no one else can see     as it is your conspiring story….    possibility….    Adventure ….

The Journey itself ~ the Destination…        

Eyes a-glistening , inviting, teasing…  “come into my pirate ship”  … Judgment walks the plank into the water…   and all we are left is the now….             


Dancing, in-relation…..


And in the Adventure, we learn more about ourselves, who we are,  and who you are,  and fly!

"When you place your awareness in your heart you will naturally dwell in the synchronicities of now."

- Peggy Black



An Abundant Life Adventure Play-shop

A fun, vibrant flowing play-shop adventure in how we connect to the who and how we are through our natural innate sense of wonder and awe,  exploration and anticipation in an interconnected dance of play with universe and each other.     To step into the fullness and wholeness of the gift we all are by birthright is to come out and play, opening into the unfolding exploration, experience and expression.  

to see possibility and to believe in the Enchantment of Life and each one

Play-mates wanted   !!


Adventure Play-shops come in all sizes!


Mini Adventure Play-shops    1-2 hours

Afternoon Play-shop                4  hours


1 Day Play-shop Retreat        7-8 hours

Weekend Play-Abundance

     A Virtual Journey of Adventure into the Self and out into connection and stepping into intentional magic of Play!

     Play-mate Self-Adventure and Discovery, claiming and re-claiming captainship and ownership as we uncover, discover

     Play-mate Knighthood  - A sharing of Igniting the Wonder of All!


Each Adventure Play-shop is tailored to the Group and group goals.  Time for sharing, expanding, processing as appropriate and stepping into ownership as a the creative wonder we are.   Day and Weekend Play-shops have both group play and adventure play-mate journeys, (individual or team exploration) using sensory exploration and integration.   


Emphasis on the wholeness and fullness of the collaborative divine Wonders and Gifts we each are as we as we fly!


local, national

(818) 726-8609 


Available for coaching, Speaking and Keynotes

 Come visit Mary Ellen's world and spend some time Exploring and playing as the amazing gifs we are



    Tree houses for adults do exist!!

..         waiting for you.....